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Little Hometown’s wholesale partner benefits are wide-ranging, as we are always considering the best for our wholesale partners and customers alike. As a small business, we want to ensure that we give back to the local and small business community and economy by giving our wholesalers a non-competing environment to thrive in. For this reason we do not sell to large wholesalers like Amazon, Target, and Walmart.

When starting our wholesale journey we took into perspective the long process of wholesale ordering for other stores and narrowed it down to its simplest form – by ordering directly through us or through one of our three wholesale platforms: Faire and Abound. In addition to minimizing the process of wholesale ordering, we also offer above and beyond wholesale support for any of your needs and ensure to always provide up-to-date marketing images.

Our uniquely designed swaddles, bibs/burp cloths and sleepwear are versatile in style, size, and state and regional markets across the nation, that will make a lasting impact on your business and your customers.

Little Hometown is a wife (who designs everything!) and husband team out of New Orleans, LA. Little Hometown offers small business local retailers uniquely relevant items to your region. These are the items that can differentiate you from the larger national chains and bring in foot traffic. Little Hometown's unique designs and exemplary quality make this a go-to recommendation for store owners. Your customers will love you for it because we win every baby shower!

Our Products

When it comes to our products, variety is a must!

Our product line ranges from high-quality swaddles, convertible bibs to burp cloths, to oh-so cozy sleepwear that sizes 12 months – 5T, perfect for all newborns, babies, toddlers and kids. Similarly, our wide-variety of state and regional designs are not only enjoyed by little ones but by their loved ones too, giving the feeling of home wherever they may be. Best of all, our products are immensely popular with an extensive customer base of gift shoppers, local families, new mothers, grandmothers and out of town visitors – the market possibilities are endless.

From our loyal wholesalers and customers.

One of the best parts of our brand is our loyal wholesalers and customers who greatly trust us.

Our swaddles, bibs/burp cloths and sleepwear reviews almost always praise the quality, design, comfort, longevity and happiness our products provide. With over 1,300 5 star reviews of our products, we are proud to say that we have amazing items that are truly appreciated by all.

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