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  • "5 Tips for New Moms on Choosing the Best Baby Blanket and Swaddles"

    Becoming a new mom is a special and exciting time, but it can also be overwhelming. One of the most important decisions you will make is choosing t...
  • Behind the Design: Massachusetts Girl/Floral Baby Swaddle Blanket

      One question I get asked often is, "Why are there chocolate chip cookies on the Massachusetts floral swaddle?" Since tomorrow is National Chocol...
  • Connections Between the Past and Present

    One of the things I love most about running Little Hometown is hearing stories about how our swaddles help our customers feel - even in a little wa...
  • NEW Behind the Design: North Carolina Baby FLORAL

    What if one state held so much beauty that it couldn’t be captured in one single image or paragraph or design?

    Anyone who’s been to North Carolina understands what I’m saying. And because of that, you’ll understand why I just had to make two designs for this state.

  • NEW Behind the Design: North Carolina Baby

    Picture this: You wake up in the morning after dreaming of the beach. And it’s only a car ride away. But instead of your toes in the sand, yo...
  • Little Hometown in YOUR Hometown

    Our Little family is hitting the road and we want to hear from YOU about the "must-sees" for the cities we stop in along the way!

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