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NEW Behind the Design: North Carolina Baby FLORAL


What if one state held so much beauty that it couldn’t be captured in one single image or paragraph or design?

Anyone who’s been to North Carolina understands what I’m saying. And because of that, you’ll understand why I just had to make two designs for this state.

While our softer-than-silk fabric blend always stays the same, check out the components that make this design a more nature-centered experience than its sister design, the North Carolina Baby Duo.

The Flowering Dogwood 



It’s even cooler than it looks. The flowering dogwood isn’t actually a flower. It’s a tree that blooms with small flowers. And. It’s. Striking.

It’s been a focal point of the area for ages even though it only became the state flower in 1941. Every single part of the dogwood tree has been used for medicinal purposes: the roots, bark, berries, leaves, twigs, and flowers.

Native Americans have used the root of the tree to treat malaria for eons. But other parts of it have been used to treat an array of illnesses including whooping cough, toothaches, muscular issues, asthma, insomnia, fevers, and even canine mange in some cases.

Dogwoods are also famous for their alligator skin. Once a flowering dogwood has reached maturity, it forms cracks in its gray bark that give the bark the appearance of being broken into tiny squares. Hence, looking like alligator skin.

Vivid colored dyes also come from the roots of the tree, not to mention the buffet it provides for a wide array of birds and other small animals.

The grace, beauty, and bounty of the flowering dogwood is a perfect example of the elegant feel of North Carolina’s landscape.

Scotch Bonnet 


Isn’t it cool that seashells start out as an animal’s home? This gorgeous shell starts out as a snail’s home.

With an average length of 3 - 3.5 inches, you’d have a pretty hard time passing this beauty up on the beach without stopping.

Moncie Daniels felt the same way. Moncie introduced the legislation to name the scotch bonnet the official state shell of North Carolina.

Surprisingly, there was a lot of push back. Citing the lower (comparative) numbers of Scotch Bonnets as their reasoning, Moncie’s opposition wanted to name the state shell the chicken eggshell.

Yes. The eggshell of a chicken egg.

So here’s to you, Moncie!




As soon as you think North Carolina can’t get any more beautiful, you remember that their state gemstone is the emerald.

NC’s rich earth is home to over 300 different minerals, more than any other state in the country. The emerald being one of those.

Emeralds are so plentiful there that people go around hunting for them. One group of seekers actually uncovered a raw emerald crystal that was over 310 carats. Although it’s been cut and trimmed down to 64.83 carats, it’s still considered the largest cut emerald ever found in North America.

I just had to include emeralds in the design. I have an exceptionally strong personal connection to them. I own an emerald cocktail ring that belonged to my paternal grandmother, and today that’s the only physical belonging I have left from her. I share your deep love and connection to this precious stone, and hope its mesmerizing, grounding qualities bring you the closeness and joy that it does to me.

Honey, Bee Cool 


The honeybee is North Carolina’s state insect. And aptly so. Out of 2.9 million honeybee colonies across America, North Carolina is home to over 120,000 of those. In the state, honeybees specifically pollinate alfalfa, cotton, veggies, and fruit. Pretty important stuff. Not to mention they’re the backbone for our entire ecosystem (no biggie, right?).

What’s North Carolina Without Her Mountains?


North Carolina is home to over 40 mountains that rise to over 6,000 feet. Then there are at least 100 mountains that rise to more than 5,000 feet! The numbers are impressive, but the views are indescribable by words.

North Carolina’s Mount Mitchell in the Black Mountains is the highest point of the Mississippi River in the US. That alone warrants its inclusion in the design!

So, with love and adoration for the beautiful state of North Carolina, I’m thrilled to roll out our North Carolina Baby Floral design. From my heart to yours, I hope your swaddle + burp cloth brings you a sense of pride and affection for your beautiful state, and a sense of security, warmth, and infinite comfort to your baby.

Order your set for the North Carolina baby in your life below! 



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