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NEW Behind the Design: North Carolina Baby

North Carolina Baby Swaddle

Picture this:

You wake up in the morning after dreaming of the beach. And it’s only a car ride away.

But instead of your toes in the sand, you decide you want to feel the mountain breeze on your face.

And that’s only a car ride away, too.

What if you could experience the entirety of America's gorgeous landscape all in one single state?

Then you’d meet North Carolina.

It’s easy to see why 10.6 million people call North Carolina home just from looking at the breathtaking views. But the Emerald State boasts so many more treasures than the geography alone.

It’s with this deep fascination and awe of North Carolina and its spirited past, present, and future that I’ve designed the North Carolina Baby collection.

Inspired by the rich soul and endless beauty of the state, here’s a quick rundown of the designs you’ll be wrapping your little North Carolinian in:

North Carolina’s Mountains & Beaches

You can’t even think about thinking about North Carolina without immediately picturing its stunning mountains and beaches. It’s so uniquely North Carolina that there’s no separating the state from these incredible landmarks.

Native American tribes, including the Cherokee, Woodland, and Mississippi tribes, have walked these luscious lands for centuries. Whether you’re reminded of the Foothills or the Outer Banks, the senses will be soothed by the earthy elements.

And if you’re ever looking for something cool to do in NC, definitely check out the fascinating lighthouses sprinkled across the state. There are seven active lighthouses operating today throughout North Carolina including: 

Nascar, Basketball, and Football - Oh, my! 

North Carolina Racing

Between Nascar, football, and basketball, if North Carolina dominates in one more rec area, we’re going to have to start toting around a small suitcase to hold our jealousy in!

Just kidding.

Let’s talk about Nascar though. North Carolina has been home to the majority of Nascar teams for a while now. Most of the drivers live in pretty extravagant homes near Charlotte. ...and then the majority of those live on Lake Norman.

So you like your Nascar, North Carolina. And I love you for it.

Don't mistake that big cat on the car for a bobcat, either. We love Ricky Bobby, but that’s not the reference. Look closer!

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Fishin’ n Stuff

North Carolina Fishing

On the topic of sports and rec, how could we not acknowledge that North Carolina is famous for loving to fish?

Our nod to your love of fishing can be seen on the fishing boat on your blanket and burp cloth’s design since, well, fishing is one of North Carolina’s most popular sports and pastimes.

There you go again. Coming out on top in another sport. Going get that suitcase now, thanks.

Krispy Kreme Doughnuts - And Potatoes 


We know it, we love it: Krispy Kreme Doughnuts. They’re headquartered in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

So back in the day, a gentleman named Vernon Rudolph purchased a yeast-raised recipe from a New Orleans chef. And, like a magical wizard, created the goodness we know today as Krispy Kreme Doughnuts (we won’t take any Louisiana credit though, that’s all you, NC).

Like most international brands, they didn’t start off huge. Vernon made his way to stardom by first selling to the local grocery stores in Winston-Salem.

Thank goodness you all have good taste, or we’d have an immensely different childhood experience with convenience store doughnuts.

And did you know that North Carolina produces just short of half of the sweet potatoes in the entire country?

Seriously. Half.

Keep - It - Up! Please and thank you! I don’t know if the south would survive without sweet potatoes. I’m not even sure if I personally would.

The First Flight 

North Carolina: First in Flight

If it doesn’t seem like North Carolina can possibly do any more for the country, I have one thing to say to you:

The. Wright. Brothers.

That’s right, the great state of NC is home to Kitty Hawk, the place made famous by the Wright Brothers’ flight of the first sustained, controlled, heavier-than-the-air aircraft. Yep. This is where the first motor-operated airplane was flown in 1903.

Still gives me the chills.

For you history buffs, refresh your memory on the powerful moment.


It’s impossible to include the entirety of North Carolina’s expansive beauty into one design (so we made another), but here are a few more little gems about North Carolina:

  • The very first mini-golf course was created in Fayetteville

  • Home to Babe Ruth

  • Home to the oldest public university, UNC Chapel Hill, chartered in 1789

  • Cape Hatteras is the largest lighthouse on record to ever be relocated because of erosion

  • Over 1,000 ships have disappeared, crashed, or been lost off Cape Hatteras (what!?)

  • The Venus FlyTrap is native to Hampstead, NC, and only exists elsewhere in the country in South Carolina

  • Whitewater Falls is the highest reaching waterfall in the eastern part of the country, located in Transylvania County

  • The Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point in North Carolina is the largest air base in the Marine Corps

And that’s that! As always, despite the uniquity of each design, you can always entirely expect the same cloud-soft, pristinely pure quality of all of our baby items.
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And check out our state-by-state directory to see designs for other states.

Give the gift of home to the North Carolina baby in your life!

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