Little Hometown in YOUR Hometown

Our Little family is hitting the road and we want to hear from YOU about the "must-sees" for the cities we stop in along the way!


Last summer we decided to drive from New Orleans to Massachusetts to visit Jeff's family (camping along the way to reduce potential COVID exposure). It was a surprising choice for us. We never saw ourselves as cross-country road trip parents because neither one of us is particularly blessed in the patience department, haha. However, Jeff has fond memories of road trips with his family growing up, so we decided to give it a shot.

So how did 4 short-fused people with short attention spans survive the 24+ hour drive? 

Y'all. We loved it. Seeing our beautiful country from the road was breathtaking, educational, and (yes) a little crazy at times. We loved it so much that we decided to do it again this summer!

This is where you guys come into the picture. One of the things I love best about my job is learning about your hometowns - asking y'all what makes it special to you, reading articles about your history and culture. My hometown of New Orleans is such an integral part of who I am and it fills my heart to see the connection our swaddles bring to some of our customers. My dream is for Little Hometown to grow with your families, to learn more about which parts of your hometowns are integral to you, and to experience the places that make your home special.


We are a 5 year old girl, an 8 year old boy, a 40 year old mom, and a 46 year old dad. I've done some research and have some rough ideas of places to visit, but wanted to reach out to you guys for recommendations.

This is our preliminary path from New Orleans to Massachusetts:

  • Birmingham, AL:    lunch and sightseeing
  • Nashville:               staying for 2 days/3 nights
  • Bristol, VA:             staying for 2 days (especially interested your favorite swimming holes in the area)
  • Louisa, VA:             staying for 2 days with family
  • Baltimore, MD:       lunch and sightseeing

So for those of you from or around these areas, where are your favorite kid-friendly dining places (any with outdoor seating)? Where are your favorite photo spots? Any fun playgrounds or sights to see off the beaten path? Best mom and pop places for local snacks and souvenirs?

We'd love to hear from you!

Thank you! 


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1118 reviews
Best sleep sack!

This sleep sack is so soft and cuddly, my 10 month old will not sleep without it. I love that it is big enough that he can grow into it more. I have 3,, I just with there were more prints. The quality is amazing and perfect at keeping my little guy warm. I bought this before he could use it abs I have never bought a different one to “try”. There’s no need! We love it!


My baby loves little hometown swaddles. They are so soft and durable!

Great products!

Absolutely love the swaddle/bib sets. I have purchased the FL boy set for 2 baby shower gifts and the mothers both RAVED about the softness. I have also purchased several other sets for my 3 mon. old daughter, whom will not slept without having a piece of the swaddle in her hand. Hands down one of my FAVORITE personal shops to purchase from.

Swaddled in love

Our favorite picture of my father is of him in a field of blue bonnets. Unfortunately, my dad passed away in 2003. But when his great grandson is born in June, he will be swaddled in his great grandfather’s love and my father’s legacy will live on.

Loved both items

I love the pattern.
The recipient loved it and so do I.
We used the swaddle as a table cover for their welcome home table.